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beautbareskin :"It's been 8 months!!!!!!!"

I know, I’m sorry! To be perfectly honest, I haven’t spoken to Rachel for a long time and I’m still busy all the time so if I’m really honest, I don’t see this fic going any further, which is a shame because I was really excited to write it.

beautbareskin :"guys!! cmon! its been 2 months! UPDATE!!!!!"

I know, I’m sorry! We both are! Right now I have a shit load of stuff going on and I don’t really have time for tumblr or writing. I don’t know what Rachel’s up to, but she might come on and update soon :)

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Anonymous :"oh sheet. thats good writing, mysterious but intriguing. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!"

oh wow, i forgot this existed! i’ve been mega mega busy i’m in my GCSE exam period but it finishes in june so then i’ll be free to write whenever.. not sure about beks but i don’t think she can write for a bit either so i guess we’re taking a mini hiatus? sorry guys x

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Part five 

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I’m going to be straight with you guys, I’m super busy right now. For both work and personal reasons I don’t wish to share I can’t update tomorrow so I’ll try to update for Friday instead. I’m really sorry because I feel like I’m messing you guys about but I have valid reasons so I hope you guys understand.

Hello, everyone! So, as I’ve seen Rachel say, she’s pretty busy. My exams are only just over with so she’s asked me to write the next part. There’s still things I need to do this weekend in terms of my future and getting my dream job and actually going somewhere in life lol so on Monday I’ll start writing the next part. I promise you guys that I’ll update by Thursday, and if I haven’t then feel free to send me threats and/or insults.

Thank you so, so, so much for actually sticking with us through this because I know it’s been months since we updated and we’re so sorry about that. And also we love you lots ok bye.

Anonymous :"please you need to keep going this is amazing i need this in my lifeeee"

i promise we will soon but both myself and beks forgot about this completely. idk about beks but i have 7 exams and 2 interviews january alone so i really don’t have time. thank you for sticking with us x

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oh my god i keep forgetting about this, i’m so sorry

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Anonymous :"I really love this fanfic!! I mean I know you're not very far in but it interesting!"

Thank you :) I’m sorry it’s taking so long to update but me and Beks are both always on different timetables and busy and tbh I’m just crap at updating, but I’m trying my hardest! - Rach x

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I’m writing the next part now. I broke up from school today, and apart from revision I have no homework so I’ve got a fair bit of free time over the holidays. :)

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